Islamic glass beaker made in Cairo, Egypt, in about 1250 AD. (c) Abingdon Museum.

Lombard Street

Fragments of a decorated Islamic glass beaker, made in Cairo in about 1250 AD were found in an excavation by AAAHS in 1983.

The beaker is is decorated with an inscription which says ‘Glory to Our Lord the Sultan’, and a horseman with polo sticks.

The beaker was found in a pit of the 15th century, about two hundred years later than the beaker was made. It is not known how or exactly when the beaker came to Abingdon.

The work was in the cellar and back garden of a medieval house which was being redeveloped. Roman and medieval remains were also found.

Published Reference: G. Jones (1983), Abingdon: 6 Lombard Street, South Midlands Archaeology 13, 103, 113.