Stone foundations of a medieval building excavated at Thrupp Cottage, Radley, in 2002-04

Thrupp Cottage, Thrupp, Radley

Excavations in the garden of Thrupp Cottage in 2002 to 2004 found pottery and the stone foundations of two buildings. Most of the pottery was medieval or later in date, but some of it may be Late Saxon.

Thrupp is a hamlet in the parish of Radley. Today it consists of just three houses, but it was once much larger. In medieval times, Thrupp belonged to Abingdon Abbey, and the hamlet supplied cheese and eels to the abbey.


Published Reference: B.M.G. Eeles, 'Thrupp Cottages, Barton Lane, Thrupp, near Abingdon', South Midlands Archaeology 40 (2010), 22-25.